Diamonds for Breakfast – AObeats & Jai Wolf & Manila Killa ft. Mark Johns

Mark Johns is always money – with that voice, let’s be real. Always. Paired with the incredible production and unique, future/electronic sound, this one is a killer. It radiates too much cool to handle. Plus, those lyrics. It’s playful, chill, and definitely going to be on repeat all spring and summer. Download here!

Strong – London Grammar (Manila Killa Remix)

This downtempo remix from Manila Killa, made for his girlfriend, brings out all the feels. It’s a huge departure from the original, but is easier to listen to… again and again. It starts out with a vocal laid over simple piano, and as the instrumental swells the voice fades out. The drop is deep and a little tropical. Altogether, it’s a great song and worth more than a few listens.