Stay With Me – Sam Smith (Matthew Heyer and Jasmine Thompson Remix)

Taking on Sam Smith is no small feat, but Jasmine Thompson is no small singer. Well she is, at 14 years old, but she has a voice well beyond her years. This tropical house remix of Stay With Me is an enormous departure from the original, but equally incredible. It’s a mellow blend of Jasmine’s vocals and Matthew Heyer’s chill production, and it’s sure to put you in a great mood. Get the free download here!

Paradise Lost – Romos

Sit down, Martin Garrix. There’s an up-and-coming 14 year old kid named Romos who’s about to knock you off your throne. But actually, Romos is 14. Really, he should team up with Jasmine Thompson, who’s also 14, but sings like she’s 25. Enjoy this mellow future synth production that, according to Romos, is a mix between synths and mid-90s hip-hop production. It builds really well, and is extremely chill.