About Love. – FlyBoy

Sometimes life gets really stressful, whether you’re trying to find an apartment in a short amount of time, or dealing with finals, or whatever else. It can get so stressful that you don’t want to make your own mellow playlist. That’s where FlyBoy comes in. First of all, as stated previously, this kid is majorly talented. Second, this entire hour-long mix is very soothing, tropical, melodic, deep, and all around pleasant to listen to. While we wait (not so) patiently for his next remix, chill out with his mixtape, and enjoy. Tracklist coming soon, and here’s the free DL link for a few of his other songs.

Gooey – Glass Animals (Love Taps Remix)

Love Taps remixed Gooey into layers of vocals with a deep, bouncy beat. The original is already sexy, but this remix is kicked up a notch into a club-ready rendition with a lot more going on. Deep, sticky, smooth, and perfect for a long, hot summer. Free DL here.

Hold Back the River – James Bay (FlyBoy Bootleg)

Start your week off on the right note with the latest from FlyBoy. The 17 year old producer released this song as a thank you to his 1,000 Soundcloud fans – since then he’s jumped to over 1,300. This song is a perfectly balanced blend of vocals and instrumental, and its mellow vibe is relaxing without ever being boring. As previously stated, FlyBoy is one to watch out for. Each of his releases is different from the previous ones, and equally incredible. Get the free DL here, and enjoy!

Fast Car – Boyce Avenue ft. Kinna Grannis (FlyBoy Remix)

Warning: you will not be able to take this off repeat. This tropical remix of Boyce Avenue from FlyBoy is incredibly addictive. It transitions perfectly from the vocal sections to the tropical breakdowns, it builds nicely, and maintains a great melody throughout. It’s great for a long drive up the coast, with all the windows down… pretty much exactly what this genre is meant for. All you need to do for the free download is follow FlyBoy on Facebook here.

Imagine – John Lennon (Mark Tarmonea Cover)

It’s pretty ballsy to take on a song by a former Beatle, but that’s just what Mark Tarmonea did, and thank goodness he did. This mellow tropical house cover features Mark Tarmonea on vocals and production. It’s a total departure from the original, which is probably why it works so well. If you’re going to take on such a classic song, simply reproducing it is boring. That’s not the case here, so good job Mark! ­čÖé

Thinking of You – SKLA

Thinking of You is a mellow downtempo blend of deep and tropical, paired with a great vocal that floats over the instrumental nicely. It’s super catchy, and very chill, but fast-paced enough to make you want to dance. It’s on the longer side for a song, at a little over 9┬áminutes, but it’s worth the full listen. Comparable to Strobe, arguably Deadmau5’s best song, it builds upon itself until you’re floating and don’t know how you got there. Enjoy, and get the free download here.

Crazy in Love – MLAD & Daniel de Bourg (Beyonce Cover)

Taking on a Beyonce song is a pretty massive feat, and most people probably shouldn’t try to attempt it. Some should, though, and MLAD and Daniel de Bourg┬ádefinitely should have. This deep house cover is haunting and beautifully produced from start to finish. Daniel de Bourg’s voice is perfect for the cover, and the final result is so drastically different from Beyonce’s original that it basically isn’t the same song. Get the free download here.