In Your Corner – Ella Vos

If you haven’t heard of Ella Vos, pay attention. The singer enjoyed a decent amount of exposure with her song White Noise, which was remixed by a few people, including R3hab. Other equally amazing (if not better) songs of hers include Down In Flames and You Don’t Know About Me, both of which are faster-paced with hollow percussion and modern production. In Your Corner is the perfect complement to the sassy lyrics and punchy beats on her other songs. It starts out slow and simple, but the chorus kicks in with layers of her voice and the instrumental, and the result is stunning. Put this one on repeat, and get ready to float away.

Follow Ella Vos on Soundcloud here, and on Spotify here.

Insight – Haywyre

Released yesterday via, Soundcloud, and a live set on YouTube, Haywyre’s newest masterpiece is quickly accumulating plays and hype. It’s a mind-bending mix of electronic, piano, and percussion, effortlessly woven together for a truly incredible final product. This song will take you on a ride.