Circles – machineheart ft. Vanic (Video)

Better late than never! On May 7th, machineheart released the video for their song Circles, with Vanic. This song is sick, futuristic pop that’s perfectly synthy and bright. Lead singer Stevie Scott kills it on the vocals, and it’s produced into an effortlessly bright summer anthem. machineheart’s debut album is going to be released on Columbia Records, and this is a phenomenal lead single that’s sure to help catapult them to the top.

The trippy video features rotating shards with band members playing between them, or superimposed on them as they move and create a whole. According to machineheart, “Circles ventures into this whole idea about making the best out of your situation. It’s a reminder that when you face resistance or difficulty, you’ll want to have people around you who are going to remind you of what your intentions were in the first place.” We can definitely all relate to that! Check it out below, and don’t forget to buy the single on iTunes here!

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